Sunshine Helicopters Review

Soar with Sunshine Helicopters into the blue skies, and experience the 90% of Hawaii accessible only by air! The industry standard, their fleet of Black Beauty helicopters has all forward-facing customized bench style seats, giving excellent visibility. Sunshine has flown over 850,000 satisfied passengers since 1985. They recently upgraded to the all new ASTAR 350FX Black Beauty helicopter. The FX carries more weight, flies faster, and is both quietSunshineHelicopters_image1er and more fuel efficient. The increasedSunshineHelicopters_crater capacity allows the FX to have First Class seating for total comfort. They have 12 pilots on staff, and their safety rating is immaculate.

Sunshine Helicopters offers exciting air tours of Maui and Molokai, enabling spectacular aerial views of erupting and dormant volcanoes, including Haleakala National Park on Maui. Experience triple-canopy tropical rain forests, glide over rugged towering sea cliffs along the windward coasts – the island of Molokai has the world’s tallest sea cliffs – and hover next to white-plumed, plunging waterfalls tucked inside verdant green hidden valleys. They are located at the Kahului Heliport, and you can call 808-871-7933¬†for more information or book online at



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