Strike Zone Fishing Charters Review

My dad and I have a habit of going fishing together on vacations, and this was the very first time we actually caught anything in Hawaii. Over the past 15 or so years we’ve gone out on a couple of boats, but had strikezone_marlin strikezone_fishing_boatgotten discouraged due to the fact that, often times, we barely got a nibble. Our day on the water with Strike Zone changed that!

During our cruise out of Maalaea Harbor south to Makena we trolled for sport fish, but didn’t catch any. The second we dropped our lines off Makena almost everyone on the boat had a bite! We pulled up lots of bluestriped snappers and someone caught the largest wrasse I’ve ever seen. A couple people pulled up triggerfish, but the largest catch of the day was my surgeonfish. We threw back the triggers, but we ate the surgeonfish for dinner that night. It was delicious!

When it comes to freshness, there’s nothing like eating the fish you’ve caught the same day. Unlike most fishing boats on Maui, you are allowed to keep most of your catch! The boat, a 43′ Delta, was in great shape and clean. The crew was super friendly and helpful. They cut up all our bait (squid) on the way out to the site, and cleaned all the fish on the way home. They also provided sodas, chips, and sandwiches. All and all we had a great day of fishing! If you’re thinking of going fishing while on Maui, these are the guys to go with. Their phone number is 808-879-4475 and you can get more information online at

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