South Pacific Kayaks Review

SPK_web_whaleSouth Pacific Kayaks is one of Maui’s premier tour providers, distinguishing itself as having some of the island’s best kayak guides and equipment. I read this on their website, so I figured I would give them a try. I’m so glad I did because they were excellent! The kayaks were stable, safe, and comfortable, and our guides were interesting, attentive, courteous, and fun loving as each guest was treated with true “aloha” spirit and respect. SPK_web_paliI chose the Tiki Team Kayak Tour because it said that it provided guests the opportunity to sit eye-level with gentle, yet mammoth creatures, also known as humpback whales. Sounded perfect to me! As we were paddling out we didn’t see any of these giant creatures at first. However, our guide was very patient, and I was enjoying the serenity of the ocean and the views from my kayak. They had already told us that we should just allow the whales to approach us, rather than seeking them out and approaching them. Our guide explained that the experience was all about the ocean, the kayaks, the paddlers, the views and the whales. All of a sudden our guide told us to sit very still, not make a sound and take our paddles out of the water. Within seconds after he spoke, right there in front of our eyes a mama humpback whale and her baby appeared and began swimming around, literally right under our kayaks! It was truly amazing, viewing whales from a kayak is an unforgettable experience, and one not to be missed. I will never forget it. Thank you South Pacific Kayaks! I highly recommend this company and the experience they offer. Here’s their phone number and website if you’re ready to be amazed. 808-875-4848; P.S. During non-whale watching season (June – November) they have tours to watch the turtles and dolphins!


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