Reefdancer Review



The Reef Dancer started operating over 20 years ago, and while there have been other glass-bottom boats on Maui in the past, Olapa Ko’a Charters brought the island it’s first semi-submersible. Semi-submersibles like the Reef Dancer are now popular around the world because they offer a much better alternative to the old style glass-bottom boats where you just look down through a window in the bottom. The ReefDancer_kidscabin is air conditioned and very comfortable, and offers large viewing windows. If a tuReefDancer_yellowsubrtle happens to be on the other side of the boat, you won’t miss it. You also have the opportunity to interact with the narrator and divers during the tour. The boat never stays too long in one spot, so you’re always seeing something new. It’s located close to the best reef in the area and there’s plenty of time for viewing.


Reef Dancer has been featured on Good Morning America and has won various awards such as “Best Underwater Viewing on Maui.” Its a fun way to see the underwater world without getting wet. It’s also an awesome educational experience for everyone. You can choose from two tours: the 60 Minute Tour and The 90 Minute Tour. They refer to the 90-minute Adventure as the “Deluxe Tour” because the extra time allows the boat to go out farther where there are more turtles. In addition, there are also light refreshments served on this trip. Check them out online at at or call for reservations 808- 667- 2133.







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