Pakaloha Bikinis Review

MR_Pakaloha_banner-1MR_Pakaloha_s1The last time I was visiting Maui I decided to buy a new swimsuit. I was feeling pretty brave having recently started running again, and I decided I would buy the first bikini I had worn in about 5 years to celebrate! I went into a few different shops around the hotel, but I was really looking for something different and special. I wanted something really unique, but comfortable. I wanted it to be great quality, and cute, but not tooooo revealing. A lot of the bikinis I tried on felt like they were cutting into my skin, or riding up, or just not comfortable. So one morning at breakfast, I asked our waitress (she looked like something out of a surf movie – suntanned and fit and healthy!) if she knew of any good shops that specialized in qualityMR_Pakaloha_s2 bikinis, and she said “Sure. Pakaloha Bikinis on Front Street. I love their suits.” She gave me general directions where they’re located on Front Street, so I headed there after breakfast in search of my new suit.

What a great store, and Bonnie the sales girl was so helpful – she could tell I was a little shy about the high-cut Brazilian bottoms, so she showed me the Kahana bottom design, which is still sexy but not quite so revealing. The fabric is fantastic – some special kind of Lycra that’s super soft and comfy, but keeps it shape wash after wash (I’ve washed it about 20 times now and it still looks and feels great!). I bought one suit that first day, but I liked it so much, I went back and bought another one two days later. The tops and bottoms are sold separately so you can mix n’ match colors and styles to get exactly what you want. I love my Pakaloha Bikinis! I think they were the best souvenir I picked up on Maui! You can check them out online at, or call
 (808) 661-6888 – they have two locations on Maui, and several more on Oahu. Thank you Bonnie!


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