NorthShore Zipline Review

MR Collage NorthShoreZipMy family and I came to Maui for a beautiful, laid back vacation on the beach. But, as we were browsing the different brochures, we found about MR_SIDE1_Northshore.Ziplinefive or so different zip line tours, which sounded like a really great day trip for us.  Somehow we got lucky and chose the most fun, funniest, and probably most memorableMR_SIDE2_Northshore.Zipline activity of our trip! NorthShore Zipline rocks! Everything about it was exciting and hilarious. Unlike the more “rule bound” and “serious” extreme activities we have experienced before, this one had more of a goofy, carefree feel to it. Our guides were WONDERFUL and made this just a delightful experience for me and my entire family. Everything was super safe but very easy going.  We were given ample instruction on how to handle the gear and most importantly, how to “brake” on the zipline.  Then we were off to explore seven lines – each one a bit more thrilling than the last.  Our youngest rode tandem when he needed to and then was allowed to ride the line where the crew “braked” for him.

We all had a great time, enjoying the beautiful scenery and the fun lines. Thank you so much NorthShore Zipline for making my vacation that much more amazing. I fully recommend anyone looking for a great lifetime experience for all ages to check these guys out. Call 808-269-0671 and visit them on the web



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