Maui Zipline Review

MR_MZipline_s2I had never gone ziplining before, so I decided to choose Maui Zipline based on all of their positive reviews. The scenery around the zipline is just breathtaking – lush and green in the middle of the Maui Tropical Plantation. They have FIVE side-by-side ziplines that range from 300 to 900 feet long! Amazing! Make sure you spare some time to walk around the plantation – there are gorgeous palms, flowers and tropical plants everywhere. (There’s even a restaurant there if MR_MZipline_s1you get hungry!) Our guides were James, Brenna and Kainoa. They were awesome and made us feel safe – I have always had a fear of heights, but they took time to get me prepared so I felt very safe. It was exhilarating! They have several zips throughout the day – we went on the 9:00am zip because we were afraid it would be too hot later in the day, but it’s actually really pleasant and cool with the wind coming through the valley, so you could probably go at any time of day.

Obviously, having always had a fear of height, I have never ziplined before, so choosing Maui Zipline was perfect because they’re one of the few companies that cater to beginners. All the gear felt really secure, which was a big plus for me. But the most thrilling part was the views – the views were spectacular! I know everything in Maui is spectacular, but now I got to see them free-flying through the air above a Hawaiian plantation!  For me, Maui Zipline at the Maui Tropical Plantation was absolutely ideal for my first ziplining experience, it was just perfect! Do yourself a favor and check them out at, or call for reservations and information at (808) 633-2464.


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