Pacific Jet Ski Maui Review

MR_COLLAGE_Maui.Jet.SkiSomething about being on Maui brings out the dare devil in me, not quite sure what it is, but it’s there. I’ve had a few firsts on this beautiful island: ziplining, ATVs in the crater, and cycling down Haleakala to name but a few. However, the water sports angle had never really MR_SIDE1_Maui.Jet.Skiappealed to me before, but last trip my boyfriend wanted to go jet skiing and who was I to put a damper on things? He decided to go with Jet Ski Maui and they were MR_SIDE2_Maui.Jet.Skilocated right on Kaanapali Beach. I really had no idea what to expect when we were told to look for the red umbrella by the Hyatt. But it was all good.  We found the red umbrella and filled out some paperwork and then they ferried us from there to their raft (about 1/2 mile off shore). On the raft we were given helmets, life jackets and a lesson on how to operate and ride the jet ski. They had a marked off area that you have to stay inside for safety but, it is big enough to get up a full head of steam and we did. The jet skis were in good condition and the guys in the crew were friendly and helpful. The two of us rented one jet ski for an hour and went tandem to start and then took turns going solo for the rest of the hour. This worked out good. It was my first time on a jet ski but it turned out to be really easy, it steers like a bicycle and if you fall off (I only did once) it automatically stops in the water, very cool! Oh, there’s also a photographer on hand to take pics of you and your group for an extra fee, and you get the digital card to take home with you. I kinda wish I’d opted for that now, to add to my “been there done that” collection, but maybe next time! For more information you can call them 808-667-2001 or visit their website


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