Makai Adventures Review

MR_Makai_s1I have taken many snorkeling trips on Maui but Makai Adventures was the best I’ve been on! It was great to get away from the crowds with this snorkel trip – their boat is very spacious and comfortable, partly because they limit the number ofMR_Makai_s2 guests they take out, so they can give everyone attention. The crew was very knowledgeable and friendly, and they know all the great snorkel sites. They even took the time to help my daughter learn to snorkel for the first time. She wouldn’t even go with her Dad – that’s how comfortable they made her feel! The snorkeling boat is a powerboat so you get to your snorkeling spots much quicker than sailing. It’s also very stable and spacious, with plenty of room to move about or just relax in the warm sunshine. But, if sailing is your thing, they do offer trips on their sailboat Kainani, which we may try next time!

Also, thank you so much Johnathan and Kevin for such an amazing afternoon out snorkeling around Lanai! The day started off with off watching dolphins all around the boat, and then we went snorkeling along the coast of Lanai (we saw so many beautiful fish, lobsters, turtles, and even an octopus!) and finished the afternoon with their great picnic lunch. The food they provided was awesome and fresh, and there was plenty to go around.  We had a great time, and I would definitely recommend Makai Adventures to anyone visiting, or even residents looking for a fun way to spend a beautiful afternoon here on Maui. You can find out about their trips by visiting, or calling them at (808) 495-1001Very knowledgable and fun staff! Can’t wait to go out again!


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