Hawaii Ocean Project Review

The Hawaii Ocean Project (HOP) is the conservation division of the Lahaina Cruise Company, who proudly support genuine research and their researchers, host eco-friendly events, and have trained naturalists who share insight into the marine environment on board every one of Lahainahop_ww Cruise Company’s cruises. Their mission is to “educate visitors and the island community about Hawaii’s marine life, eco-systems, and endangered species while delivering a visually unique and memorable ocean excursion”.

Hawaii Ocean Project hosts whale watches and many other excursions aboard the Island Princess, the Maui Princess, the Molokai Princess, and the Kaulana. Their vessels are large, stable, comfortable and offer some of the best viewings available. You can experience the thrill of whale watching on one of  their educational and informative 2-hour whale watch cruises. This adventure is great fun for the entire family and offers spectacular sightseeing and photo opportunities and they GUARANTEE whale sightings on every cruise. Check them out online at HawaiiOceanProject.com or call for more information 808-667-6165.





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