Fred’s Mexican Café Review


If you love Mexican Food like I do, and are health conscious about what you eat, Fred’s Mexican Cafe is a great family-MR_interior_fred'sfriendly, casual getaway. Overlooking Maui’s tropical MR_fredswaters, Fred’s signature recipes combine the best of traditional Mexican cuisine and a healthier style of California cooking. They use only the best quality meats, Certified Angus Beef, boneless skinless chicken breast, and local fish. All the sauces and salsas are made fresh daily at the restaurant.

All of this makes Fred’s dishes lighter, more flavorful, and healthier than other Mexican restaurant dishes, so you can still enjoy awesome Mexican dishes and not worry about your diet! Offering Mexi-Cali cuisine and good prices, its generous-sized tacos, burritos, burgers, refreshing margaritas, salads, and sandwiches makes this a dining experience you don’t want to miss!

Fred’s is a great place to refuel after a long day of playing on the beach, driving back from Hana, or relaxing by the pool. With funky decor, fresh food, great music, and a fun atmosphere, Fred’s will have you leaving much more than satisfied. Call for more information 808-891-8600 and check out their website at





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