Feast at Lele Review


MR_COLLAGE_feastatleleThe first place I think of when I have out of town guests visiting, or when a tourist asks me which Luau they should try, is The Feast at Lele. It’s really more of a fine dinner show than a traditional luau, but you still receive the traditional flower MR_man_feastatlelelei greeting, and photos are taken of you that are available later for review and purchase. Any other similarities to a traditionalMR_fire_feastatlele luau setting end there! Rather than sitting en masse with strangers, you are seated at tables arranged specifically for your individual group size, be it a group of 10 or two! Each table is set elegantly and we received very personal attention from our servers.

The “Feast” itself is the real star here, followed closely by the superb entertainment, provided by a highly talented group of performers. The menu consists of a five-course meal featuring cuisine from Hawaii, Aotearoa (New Zealand), Tahiti, and Samoa, including dessert. Each course is followed by dramatic Polynesian entertainment from each island. For example, the Hawaiian course is followed by a Hawaiian hula, the Aotearoa course by Maori dances, etc. Following the Samoan course you are treated to an amazing fire knife dancer from Samoa. You will be amazed by the vast range of talent these amazing dancers have mastered in dance from four separate Polynesian cultures. If you’re in search of a fine dining experience with a selection of foods that you will likely never experience anywhere else, coupled with excellent service and top-notch entertainment, then The Feast at Lele is for you! To make a reservation, peruse the menu, get directions and more, go to FeastAtLele.com or call 808-667-5353.





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