Aqua Adventures Review


MR_COLLAGE_aquaadventures_2I have traveled to Maui several times, but had not yet visited Molokini Crater. On the recommendation of a local friend I chose Aqua Adventures. I liked that they ran a smaller operation for more personalized service, and that they  were family-owned. They did not disappoint! Upon my arrival, the crew was very professional and welcoming. They explained the expectations and aquaad1-300x195thoroughly went over the “what if”s” and in no time we were on our way and enjoying a nice continental breakfast. aqua18-1I chose to do the Snuba in addition to snorkeling and it was a good choice.

The Snuba instructor was fantastic and really took the time to make sure that the folks new to Snuba felt safe and comfortable, explaining  the hand signals we needed to know and the format of the dive. Once we got in the water, it was a really great experience, beautiful scenery and a good amount of time to move around and see coral, lots of fish, and honu (sea turtles). I got to snorkel with the fish at our first location and Snuba with the sea turtles at the second!  Back on board the boat, the crew was in constant motion making sure everyone was taken care of doing everything from serving  food, drinks, and making Mai Tai’s to clearing empty plates, fishing, organizing, and cleaning gear. It was clear this crew was experienced and worked well together, and I just loved their easy-going attitude and friendly service. Oh, and there was even a photographer/videographer on board this trip who had worked for the Discovery Channel, so he knew his stuff and made the trip all the more interesting! Call them at 808-573-2104 or visit them online at


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