Women Who Run With Wolves Review

When I saw the name of this store I just knew I had to check it out! I can can safely say that the items inside are as unique and awesome as the name. They have all sorts (and sizes!) of swimwear for us ladies who prefer the more modest and comfortable style, and they sell all manner of jewelry and special little trinkets. I am a lover of meditation and aromatherapy so I was thrilled to be able to pick up some new incense sticks for my zen friends back home. Women Who Run With Wolves prides itself on having ‘Magical Gifts’ and spiritually-attuned inspirational presents to take home, or simply for you as a reminder of a great trip to the spiritual haven that is Maui.

They also have a very nice selection of lingerie that my wonderful husband treated me to. It was hard to choose as their range is so fresh and dynamic. When I went there the owner, Sandra, was excellent at assisting me, and her passion for what she has created really shines through – as does her love of all things wolf-y! I think what I love most about this store is that it breaks the mold of commercialism that has ravaged Maui in the last few years. It’s a unique, interesting store where the owner will greet you at the door with Aloha and enthusiasm – which isn’t something you get everywhere nowadays. A top hit for me – and my husband 😉 You can find out more by visiting on the web at WomenWhoRunWithWolves.com, or call for store hours & location at (808) 665-0786.

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