The Block Maui Review

MR_TheBlock_s1I first heard about The Block on Maui from my next door neighbor. We were chatting one day when I was out getting the mail, and I noticed he was suddenly looking a lot more fit – he’d had a bit of a belly (you get that at our age! LOL), but now he was looking like he’d lost weight and put on a lot more muscle. I asked him what he was doing different and he said he’d been a member at The Block for about a month. I had no idea what The Block referred to, so he explained it was a new kind of fitness club he had joined, that has a special approach to what they call “functional fitness” using things like kettlebells, dumbells, rowers and treadmills for a great workout that not only MR_TheBlock_s2targets all the muscle groups, but also uses similar principles to cross-fit to increase your heart rate and stamina. I was pretty curious, so he offered to let me tag along for a class.

Here’s what was posted on the wall: “THE BLOCK – Your hometown, or more generally where you come from. Fitness culture has a real family element to it. As you become a member of ‘The Block’ you begin to identify with this as your family, your crew, your home.” Pretty cool, I thought. A place to go workout where everyone is supportive, in an energetic, fun, friendly atmosphere. Well, I’m not the most athletic guy, but I’m reasonably fit doing swimming a few days a week, playing golf, and lots and lots of yard work – but I still had that extra 15 around my middle that I really wanted to get rid of. My first visit to The Block, and I was hooked! The group classes are about 45 minutes, and man – it flies by! Not that it’s easy, but you’re moving from one exercise to another so it doesn’t get boring or repetitive. I’ve been a member for about 3 weeks now, and I have to tell you, it’s made a HUGE difference in how I look AND feel. It’s actually something I look forward to doing, which very few people ever say about working out. Anthony is awesome, and everyone is super-friendly and relaxed to be around. You can check their schedule out online at, or call (808) 286-9422 to talk about a personal training session. See you around The Block!


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