Robbie’s Surf Lessons Review



If you want a true Hawaiian-style private surfing lesson, and at a great price…call Robbie’s Surf Lessons! We found Robbie through his ad in one of the local magazines. He was a great instructor, very patient and encouragingMR_Robbies_s1 we caught lots of waves and rode them all the way onto the beach! This was only our 2nd time surfing, and we had a great time. (He will also rent his boards for $20 if you want to use them another day, which is a nice extra!) The first surf lesson we had was with another company, but we didn’t get the kind of one-on-one attention that Robbie gives you, which can make all the difference in catching waves!

This is an excellent surf lesson for the whole family! We booked a lesson for me and my 9 year old daughter, and she loved it. Robbie was so patient and encouraging! She was totally comfortable with him – a wonderful experience! We met with Robbie locally and talked about our surf experience and what we’d like to do, and ended up surfing in Kapalua not far from where we were staying – he knows all the best spots that are uncrowded and good for your skill level.  He was really good with my daughter.  He spent most of the time with her, while I practiced catching waves and standing up. I’d recommend Robbie’s Surf Lessons to anyone that wants to learn to surf! So much fun. You can check out his website at, or call him directly at (808) 250-1673 to book a lesson today! Thanks Robbie!


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