Maui Sugar Shop Review


On a recent visit to Maui I discovered treasure! No, not the gold and jewels kind of treasure – the yummy, decadent, mouthwatering, to die for kind of treasure! I have to admit I have a very sweet tooth, and being as I’m pretty health MR_SugarShop_leftconscious, I frequently deny my cravings for something sweet out of respect for my body. I have tried making healthy treats at home, but somehow they never end up MR_SugarShop_righttasting as good as they look, and so it’s really not worth the effort.

ANYWAY, as I was saying, while on Maui I discovered this awesome bakery called Maui Sugar Shop. It’s an organic bakery that uses local produce in their recipes, and use no GMOs or high fructose corn syrup; they have gluten free and vegan options too. This is my kinda place! I am so glad I found it at the beginning of my vacation because I ended up going in there just about every day! Maui Sugar Shop had new choices almost every time I went in, but still had the big favorites available. The stars for me were the Lilikoi Muffin (sooo delicious), the Carrot Cake Cupcake, the Pink Velvet (with beet infused frosting to make it a lovely shade of pink), and the Chocolate Cupcakes were great too. There was even a Chocolate Coconut one that was extra yummy. To be totally honest everything I tried was pretty darn delicious! I can always taste the difference between quality ingredients, and this place obviously uses all the good stuff. You can satisfy your sweet tooth and still feel good about it, no more guilt trips – it’s awesome. I will definitely be back! Be sure and check out their website at or call for more info 808-662-0033.


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