Maui Built Homes Review

Building a home, or even remodeling one, is no simple task. From the planning, to the permits, to the construction, there are hundreds (and sometimes even thousands) of decisions to make. And if you choose the wrong contractor, it can be a nightmare. Lucky for me, I chose Brett Smith at Maui Built Homes. In 2013 I was fortunate enough to purchase a small guesthouse on a large lot in Kahana, on the West Side of Maui. The idea was to stop spending money on rent and finally build some equity for myself. The home was built directly behind a large, 5,000 square foot home, that completely obscured the view of the ocean. I learned that the prior owner had planned to build the main house further back on the lot in order to take advantage of the views. After several false starts with my draftsman, and years of waiting for county approval, I finally got a permit to build my dream home. However, that was still just the beginning. In order to get approval for a construction loan, I had to find a contractor willing to spend over 100 hours with me to comply with the bonding agency in order to submit documents to the lender, and all of this with no guarantee of even getting a loan. 

Brett Smith patiently sat with me and we put everything together, got the bonding company to sign off, and eventually got the loan approved. Since the moment of approval he went into action. Earth moving machines arrived, rough plumbing and electrical went into trenches, the foundation was poured, framing went up, floors were acid-stained (beautifully), windows and doors went in, and so on. Each time a question or issue came up I relied upon his experience to help me make decisions. Each time he was right, and saved me money. 

Construction started in September of 2016. As I write this review in January of 2017 (4 months later), the roof tiles are being laid, final interior rough electrical and plumbing are going up, and in the next couple of weeks insulation, drywall, and the stucco will be applied. Other contractors keep telling me the house looks great and it’s being built very quickly. I can’t express to you how impressed I am with Brett’s knowledge, experience and intuition when it comes to building. He is considerate and economical, even tempered and an absolute pleasure to work with. The workmanship is of a very high quality, and he is amenable to each and every change I’ve requested. I can’t recommend Maui Built Homes enough.

Our scheduled completion date is June of 2017, but I was just informed that the home looks like it will be done before schedule – not a very common occurrence on Maui. If you’re looking for a builder or someone to help you remodel and existing home or condo, Brett is your man! You can find out more by visiting, or call Brett directly at (808) 989-5470.

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