Hula Grill Kaanapali Review

Hula Grill is always the first restaurant we go to on arrival in Maui! The atmosphere is just great, and gets you in the island mood for the rest of the week. Sitting at the Barefoot Bar with the warm sand between your toes, listening to MR_HulaGrill_leftIsland music and enjoying a refreshing Fresh Squeezed Mai Tai, nibbling on a Crab Wonton (the best appetizer I think I have ever eaten in my life!) HulaGrillyou can really feel “vacation mode” setting in. When you’re ready, you can think about dinner or come back another evening to sample the rest of their excellent menu.

The dining room has an ambiance reminiscent of a plantation-era beach house complete with tropical plants, tiki torches and gorgeous ocean views. My favorite dish is the Fire Grilled Ahi Steak. It is seared over kiawe wood, finished with shoyu butter and paired with rainbow quinoa and local vegetables. Every night they have local artists playing music at the Barefoot Bar, which drifts pleasantly over into the dining room. Their nightly show also features a hula show which adds to the Island feel. And with perfect views of the incredible sunsets, this place makes a great romantic dinner spot! The restaurant was the winner of the 2014 Best Shorts & Slippers Dining Award and the 2015 Diner’s Choice Award for Outdoor Dining Hawaii. Their chef owner Peter Merriman is renowned for his regional specialties, prepared using traditional island cooking techniques. The food is exceptional and you won’t be disappointed! For reservations call 808-667-6636 or go to for more information.



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