The Hawaii Fudge Company Review

So, there I was meandering down Front Street in Lahaina, casually perusing the vibrant stores and art galleries when this hand appeared out of nowhere and offered me a free sample of ‘Lava Flow’ fudge. I took one and popped it into my mouth with the expectation of continuing my journey through the world of bikinis and black coral jewelry – then it hit me – WOW! Easily some of the most delicious fudge I’ve ever had! I went into The Hawaii Fudge Company’s cool little store and was given even more samples of goodies they had created in-store that day. They have more than 20 different flavors of fudge, and all of the ones I tried were delectable; great texture with an amazing blend of colors and flavors. Just the smell of freshly made fudge was pretty delightful! 

They have special offers galore and boy did I take advantage! I took several boxes home as gifts for my grandkids (they ship to every US state) and they really liked the all the different flavors, but – if I’m being honest – not as much made it home as I originally intended! Just the memory of sitting on my balcony with my wife of 50 years watching the sun set majestically into the Pacific, while nibbling on locally made Coconut Candy (yes, they sell that too!!!) and handmade treats was a great addition to our already triumphant vacation. If you love fudge, have a loved one who does, or just want a sweet taste of Maui to take home then I would strongly recommend The Hawaii Fudge Company. One sample and you’ll be hooked! They have two locations on Maui – in Kihei call (808) 495-6862 and in Lahaina call (808) 661-2726 – or you can visit them on the web at

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