Dollie’s Pub & Café Review

MR_Dollies_s2Dollies Pub & Cafe
is the closest thing you can get to walking into an episode of “Cheers” and eating some of the best pizza you’ve ever tasted in your life! Located in Kahana – we were staying in a condo right across the street, so it was super convenient for us – several people exclaimed “Dollies!” when we asked where we could grab good pizza or lunch nearby. We went there about 3 times while we were on Maui, and even had a pizza delivered one night when weMR_Dollies_s1 didn’t feel like cooking or going out to eat. It’s a super-chill vibe – everybody’s really friendly and they all seem to know each other – every time someone walked in it seemed like everybody at the bar waved hello! You know you’re in the right place if all the locals love it! And it’s not just awesome, wood-fired pizza – t
hey offer lots of great salads (my wife loved the Dollies Favorite) and a cheesy Garlic Mozzarella Bread that is out of this world good.

And, if you’re a sports fan, this is definitely the place to catch the game – they have 15 large-screen TV’s (that’s right – 15!!!!), so any game you want to watch is usually on, and if it’s not, one of the friendly bartenders is happy to put it on for you (shout out to Chris!, our favorite bartender). It’s a really fun vibe, a nice mix of locals and visitors alike, Happy Hour gets a little loud but it’s LOTS of fun – we really enjoyed every time we went there. Dollies Pub & Cafe was one of the highlights of our vacation – not because it was the fanciest or most memorable meal we had, but because it felt like we were home! Everyone’s so friendly and the food is consistently awesome! We had a great time. Check them out at,
 or call for delivery at 808-669-0266. Yea Dollies!


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