Aulani Jewelry Review

On a recent visit to Aulani Jewelry, I just had to purchase a piece of their unique Hawaiian Black Coral jewelry. These one-of-a-kind keepsakes are a must as a memento of your visit to Maui. I really liked it that, Mrs. Lee the owner, has a lapidary that cuts Aulani_Storefrontthe coral for her here in Maui; she has jewelers that do custom work for her; and she also makes her own one-of-a-kind designs. Each piece is set in sterling silver or 14K gold. Some of the pieces of black coral are very rare and are not available anywhereAulani_BlackCoral else.

The harvest of black coral is extremely dangerous. Divers like Robin E. Lee (Mrs. Lee’s husband) dove between 150 and 200 feet right here in Maui waters, using only standard SCUBA gear.  She also told us that it must be carefully harvested following state, federal and international laws to protect the source.

Aulani Jewelry is a very interesting store where Black coral is their Specialty but they also have charms for Pandora style bracelets made here in Maui and a large selection of Tahitian Pearls.

If for no other reason, stop by and meet Mrs. Lee and take in all she has to share about her knowledge of Hawaiian black coral and the deep-sea divers that harvest it. Her store is located at 708 Front Street in Lahaina, one block from the Banyan Tree, or call them at 808-661-4333 and visit them at


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