Alii Wellness Review

MR_Alii_bannerMR_Alii_s1I came to Maui for an extended holiday a few months ago – a friend offered the use of her condo and it was an offer just too good to turn down. The plan was to spend time healing from the stress of my recent divorce playing tennis, swimming, and enjoying the beauty of the islands and all they have to offer. Well, about two weeks into my visit I developed “tennis elbow” from playing every morning with a neighbor at the condo’s courts, and boy – I was in ALOT of pain. Not fun on vacation to MR_Alli_s2say the least! I’m not the kind of person to run to the doctor at every ache and pain I feel, but this was really bothering me. I wasn’t sure what to do. When my friend called to check on how things were going at the condo, I mentioned my tendonitis to her and how much it was bothering me. She immediately recommended I go visit Ali’i Wellness for a consultation. She’s very health conscious and prefers naturopathic medicine, so she had been a client of Ali’i Wellness for many years. With nothing to lose (but my pain!), I made an appointment.

I’m so glad I did! Dr. Lins and her staff are fantastic – really caring and helpful, and they definitely take the “whole body” approach to wellness. After my first consultation, we made a plan that included naturopathic therapies, treatment for my elbow, and a diet and exercise plan that included food allergy and blood type assessment. Within a few weeks I was looking and feeling better than I had in years! My sleep improved, I was able to play tennis without any discomfort, and sugar cravings that I’d battled for years just disappeared – a result, Dr. Lins said, of bringing my body back in balance. I’d recommend Ali’i Wellness to anyone looking to improve their energy and well being. You can visit them online at, or make an appointment for consultation by calling 808-667-9554. To your health!

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